During a rainy season, avoiding an umbrella and a raincoat can be a sign of ignorance. The same way in this era of digitization, blinding on the online selling approach will prove you as a foolish investor. In this decade, having an online business is not a choice. As you are aware, your success lies inenhancing the reachability of your products by your target customers. You cannot sit your ass without responding to the current changes is shopping norms and dream of becoming a business emperor. This aspect can live as a dream if you do not take any action. However, you might not have the needed investment to sell online. Your budget may not be enough to pay for hosting costs and web building. Nevertheless, this should not be barriers to launching an online business. Here are 2 top ranking platforms where you can create a free online store:


Have you heard about Amazon? If you’re not new to the virtual market, you are familiar with the name. For those of you, the name is a vocabulary, Amazon is the leader of online marketplaces. It is the largest online platform that allows an entrepreneur to launch an online store. As an entrant, you have an opportunity to create a store to showcase your products.

Amazon allows one to list your products for free and pay through commissions on each sale. By subscribing to this platform, you open your store to a wide audience. The platform has a good reputation and large following which you have the right to sell your products to without any barriers. Hence, you can consider Amazon when kicking your online journey.

Creating an online shop on your Facebook business page

As you might be aware, Facebook sits on the social media throne. It has the largest following and users across the world. Apart from allowing people to interact and share memes, Facebook is becoming a useful business tool. You can now use it to sell online. All you need is to create a business page and invite followers. One of the icons available on the page is a chance to create an online shop. With it, you can proceed on to build your online store and list your product. This option is free meaning you do not need to pay anything to have a shop.

In a word, you can establish your online shop without spending any coin. All you need is to use one or both of the above platforms.